Hi, I’m Jum, and thanks for stopping by!
I have moved to London in 2018 from Japan to change my life…and happily coming to reality.

I used to work in Japan for the BIG named automotive company as an engineer, but after working there for 5 years I realised it was not for me.
The work style back then was too stressful and to be honest…I didn’t care about a car!

After debating myself and with my wife for a year, I decided to steer my career into the medical care sector to dedicate my time and effort to actually helping people who are in need.

It was straightforward from this point. I quit my job, brought all of my money to the UK, took a masters degree in bioengineering, and fortunately got a position as a researcher at a university.

There are still a lot of things to be done, and my journey is still midway, but I’m proud of the decision I’ve made.

In this blog, I’m blogging tips to make London’s life and child-raising easier, and some of my cancer treatment diaries.

My portofolio↓

  • 1988
    Born in Kanagawa, Japan.
  • 2013
    Graduated from a well known tech-university.
    Worked for an automotive company for 5 years as an engineer.
  • 2018
    Decided challenge myself to work abroad.

    Pursued another master’s degree in the UK to start another career.
  • 2019
    Successfully got a researcher position at the university.
    Became a dad.

  • October 2021
    A 11cm long lymphoma (blood cancer) was found in my left lung.
    Diagnosed as a stage 4.
    Deeply depressed, but told by a doctor that it is a curable one.
  • now
    Got all the treatments done and slowly getting my life back.

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